Antivirus and Outlook

Google Workspace Mail is scanned for viruses when an email is received into your inbox and again when you download the message. So there is no need to run antivirus software on your Outlook folders when using Google mail.

In fact, if you do run antivirus on your mail folders - you risk corrupting your Outlook files.

So if you are running Outlook with Google Workspace Mail - we would recommend that you configure your Antivirus to exclude your email files.

We still recommend that you have an Antivirus program installed to scan for other files and drives (particularly when you insert a usb drive). Our recommend solution for this is AVAST cloudcare. We do not recommend any free antivirus software for business use.


Rules and Filters

Any rule setup in Outlook will only apply is Outlook is running. If Outlook is not running, you rules will not take effect on your smart phone, tablet and other devices.Google's equivalent to Outlook Rules is Filters.

If a Google Filter is applied (via the Google's webmail interface), these rules will work across every device at all times.To apply a filter in GMail/GAPPS - open the message, click the "More" downarrow, and then Select "Filter messages like this"

More info on Google's Mail filter here...

Google Workspace Mail - Searching for unlabled email

Google Mail can sometimes store email that is not labled (ie: is not in what Outlook woudl call a folder). 

To clean up your mailbox, you can filter for email that is does not have a label and that is not in your Inbox, Send or Draft areas. Use this filter to find these "leftover" emails and then delete them:

has:nouserlabels -in:Inbox -in:Draft -in:Sent

Other cool Google App Mail filters...

Find emails older than 1 year:


Larger that a particular size - like 5 Mb:


Date Range...

after:2009/07/01 before:2009/05/01

Search for today


Search for unread in inbox

in:inbox is:unread



Google does not recommend using Outlook's AutoArchive tool. Google does not archive in teh same way as Outlook.

When Outlook archives - it takes the email off the server and saves it in a pst file. The tool was built to deal with Outlook's exchanger server mail box limits.

Google on the other hand can deal with large online email boxes. When they archive - they keep in the email on the server - but they remove the inbox label - so that email does not show up in the inbox. The email will be seen in Google's All Mail - and in Outlook folder [Archive] .

More info on Google Archive:

Archive vs Deletion:

For Google mail, any mail deleted will go straight the trash, and in 30 days will be deleted forever.

Archived mail, on the other-hand, will stay on the server forever.